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Embracing Brokenness

The people who inspire me most are the ones brave enough to share their stories.  We’ve all got a story, but most of us are too afraid to show our true selves and share all we’ve been through.  I believe in using discernment to… Continue Reading “Embracing Brokenness”

Cope And Move On…

There are times in life where we’re cruising right along… things are easy… … life is good! ┬áThose are the times when it’s easy to ride the wave, have blind faith, and go on autopilot. ┬áMaybe offer up a few “thank you, God” shout-outs… Continue Reading “Cope And Move On…”

Life’s Storms

It’s surprising to find myself feeling called to write about faith, running, and love when ALL of those things are so messy for me right now. It’s a reminder of how God’s plan doesn’t usually make sense when you’re in the midst of something… Continue Reading “Life’s Storms”

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